The Work

Delivering Dignity

The Problem

Living with a stoma is not an easy journey. In the best conditions, with high-quality products, there is still a high level of self-consciousness and fear of embarrassment due to leaks. So, imagine living with a stoma in a rural or impoverished area with products that are subpar or, worse, no products at all.

Our client, Hollister Incorporated, believes every person living with a stoma deserves to live with dignity. They created a line of ostomy products specifically designed for emerging markets with Hollister quality and competitive pricing to ensure access.

The Idea

We had to let our nurses know they are now liberated from their current state of practice and no longer have to compromise when it comes to care. Also, patients no longer need to suffer or, worse, retreat from life due to the embarrassment and pain a poor product experience can bring.

Utilizing the actual Suavita pouch combined with our Bird and Butterfly wings, we imply an elevation in care that also symbolizes freedom and reconnecting with life.

The Execution

We shot the actual Suavita pouch, printed it, and then cut it into pieces. The pieces were assembled to create the bodies of our Bird and Butterfly. Original watercolor combined with Illustrator and Photoshop created our wings and additional graphical elements.