The Work

Protect Your Newborns

The Problem

Every dairy farmer knows they need an abundance of high-producing heifers to keep business thriving. They don’t all understand the need to vaccinate against scours. Many believe keeping pens and feeding supplies clean is all the protection they need. We need to convince them of the extra security they could gain by layering on a vaccine.

Like kids, calves are messy and get sick if they’re not protected.

The Idea

We would do anything for our newborns to set them up for a bright future. And on a dairy farm, this is especially relevant with calves. Because when you protect your newborns from scours, you help keep everyone’s future safe and sound.

We placed nursery elements into calf barns to symbolize protection and photographed them with soft, warm light to cast a peaceful, secure feeling to the scene.

The Execution

We partnered with photographer Chris Crisman to prop and shoot on a working dairy farm in Pennsylvania.