The Work

This Little Piggy

The Problem

MiracleFeet provides support to clinics to increase access to treatment for children born with clubfoot in developing countries.

They were lacking storytelling with emotional resonance that would allow them to appeal to a larger base of would-be donors.

The Idea

We were saddened to hear so many stories of uncorrected clubfoot leading to terrible consequences beyond just the inability to walk and run. We wanted potential donors to know that for little money, they could change these troubled stories.

“This little piggy” nursery rhyme is well known world wide as a fun, playful interaction between mom and baby with baby’s little toes. To dramatize what clubfoot often leads to, our version twists everything in a much darker direction.

The Execution

We shot on location in Mumbai, India (the country with the largest birth rate effected by clubfoot). Cinematographer Rakesh Haridas helped us capture an Indian child born with clubfoot. (The child was treated the week after we shot).